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Store Intelligence gives in-store retailers the same advantages that webstores enjoy. Connected stores mean new levels of integration between retailers and their customers, associates and brand partners. Our market-leading electronic shelf labels, incorporating NFC Technology and LED illumination, deliver closer links with customers, enabling precision pricing and targeted promotions at the shelf edge. They enable easier item location, shelf edge payment options and the ability to deliver individualized promotions or enriched product information directly to the shopper, as they shop.

Electronic shelf labels

Our electronic shelf labels are available in the Clara ePaper line and Anima LCD line, powered by our Spectra Technology Platform. Spectra uses the full spread spectrum of Wi-Fi allowed in the 2.4 GHz frequency band and is time intelligent. As a result, our platform scales to update tens of thousands of screens on our electronic shelf labels inside a very short time window, while requiring only one access point per 40,000 sq ft (3,500 sq m). Traditional Zigbee-based solutions typically require more than 10 times the infrastructure investment and deliver lower performance.

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Mapping the future of retail

Store Intelligence location services, powered by Intra Position, leverages Ultra-Wide Band technology to locate shoppers, associates and items inside the physical store with pinpoint accuracy. Intraposition UWB technology enables retailers to track shoppers and associates as they navigate the store. By combining shopper journeys with the physical location of products, retailers can help shoppers locate items, promote new items to them on their path, automate item location tasks for associates and empower them to focus on spending more time with shoppers. This deeper understanding of shopper journeys, preferences and intent ultimately creates a wealth of data, which enables retailers to better collaborate with their brand partners to craft promotions and incentives, delivered directly to shoppers at the point of decision.  

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