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Location Services

Store Intelligence Location Services – powered by Intraposition

Store Intelligence Location Services

Store Intelligence Location Services empowers retailers to accurately track the location of products, shoppers and associates as they navigate the physical store. By combining the precise locations of products, planogram data, real time locations of shopping carts and baskets and POS time stamps, retailers can understand shopper journeys, promote new products, retarget and remarket products shoppers showed interest in but did not purchase and guide shoppers to locate products.

Store Intelligence Location Services can deliver picklists for buy online, pickup in store, curbside delivery and ship from store picklists and make a wide variety of associate tasks more efficient, reducing time spent on mundane tasks and freeing associates time for more value-added customer facing activities. Additionally, Store Intelligence Location Services create a wealth of data which retailers can use to optimize planograms and collaborate with their brand partners to better target trade promotions and optimize product and promotion locations for maximum exposure.

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