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Raptor Retail Application Platform

Native cloud solution designed for scale and efficiency, scale to thousands of stores, billions of ESLs. Built on Microsoft Azure, complies with the strictest security risk and compliance review standards.

Raptor Retail Application Platform

Raptor is the Store Intelligence Retail Application Platform. Raptor is a cloud-based platform developed to support Connected Store technologies which can be deployed all cloud, cloud plus edge or pure edge. The Store Intelligence Raptor Platform was developed first for the cloud and architected to leverage horizontal, elastic scalability. Raptor is a true multi-tenant platform available in a public or private cloud. Raptor includes a Kafka-driven messaging backbone, Kubernetes orchestrated container services and both SQL and NoSQL databases.

Developed on the Microsoft Azure Platform, Raptor natively scales to thousands of stores, mutli-layered and ragged hierarchies, supports slowly changing, complex dimensions, hundreds of thousands of labels per store, and easily integrates with every major POS and POSDM platform. Raptor is capable of ingesting price and promotional information as metadata or an image and integrates with solutions like Access Via from Lexmark. Raptor provides an intuitive dashboard which empowers users to perform store operations and user, access and data management from a central location.

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