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Spectra Technology Platform

Store Intelligence Spectra Technology Platform – bi-directional, spread spectrum, time intelligent RF Protocol.

Spectra Technology Platform

Traditional Wi-Fi is designed to provide a fast, persistent connection between a device and an access point, typically these access points have a theoretical limit of 128 connections and a practical limit of 20-25 under normal conditions – they use 3 Wi-Fi Channels. Zigbee and Zigbee-based Wi-Fi protocols attempt to take the same bandwidth but use it more sparsely, in smaller increments and shorter bursts, they use 15 Wi-Fi channels.  

The Store Intelligence Spectra Technology Platform uses 79 channels within the 2.4 GHZ spectrum and it is time intelligent. Practically, this means that the Store Intelligence Spectra Platform can update 3 screens on 40,000 Electronic Shelf Labels in a very short time window 3 hours or less 

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